Temperature control range of high and low temperature integrated machine:

Release time:

2022-10-28 16:05

  At 1:5 proportional setting value (the maximum flow that can be realized is 520ml/min, exceeding shutdown alarm)

  At the setting value of 600ml/min (the achievable scale range is 1:1~1:2.7, and the shutdown alarm is exceeded)

  At the 1:1.4 ratio setting value (the achievable flow range is 80~600ml/min)

  It is recommended to use within the scale setting range of 1:1~1:2 (within this scale range, the scale accuracy is ± 0.03, which is affected by flow change, viscosity and temperature)

  Raw material viscosity range: 200~1000CPS (at operating temperature)

  Air source pressure: 0.5~0.8Mpa (70~120psi) ≥ 0.8m3/min

  System power supply requirements: three five wire 380V 50HZ 25A × 3 (including high and low temperature circulator)

  High and low temperature all-in-one machine power: 6800W

  Temperature control range of high and low temperature integrated machine: 25 ℃~55 ℃ (recommended)

  Length of insulation pipe group: 8m or optional

  System raw material pressure: ≤ 2.9Mpa (400psi)

  Washing pump system pressure: ≤ 2.1Mpa (300psi)

  Filling gun function: pneumatic, handle control switch, automatic return when stopping the gun

  Mixing mode of filling gun: initial collision+static mixer

  Air inlet pressure of filling gun: 0.5~0.8Mpa (70~120psi)

  Gas pipe size: φ eight × one

  Working flow of filling gun: 0~12Kg/min

  Cleaning method of filling gun: cleaning solution+air cleaning in sequence (or single cleaning method)

  System pressure protection setting:

  Alarm when the system pressure is lower than 30kPa (the metering pump is still working, and there is a prompt of material shortage)

  Alarm when the system pressure is higher than 2900kPa (metering pump stops working, overpressure stops)

  The system safety valve is set to 3000kPa (final safety protection of the system, overpressure overflow)

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