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Pultrusion Injection System 06 of Polyurethane Resin Profile11
Pultrusion Injection System 06 of Polyurethane Resin Profile05
Pultrusion Injection System 06 of Polyurethane Resin Profile04
Pultrusion Injection System 06 of Polyurethane Resin Profile03
Pultrusion Injection System 06 of Polyurethane Resin Profile02

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Strengthened Polyurethane Aerodynamic Spraying/Filling14

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Product description
The company has passed the UKAS quality management system certification and ISO9000 quality management system certification. Advanced management system and efficient modern production mode provide reliable quality assurance for products.
1. The equipment has passed CE certification and is safe and environmentally friendly.
2. Fully independent intellectual property design and production, has declared a number of national invention patents.
3. Suitable for water foaming technology
4. Suitable for high flame retardant grade polyurethane technology
5. Perfect coaxiality structure design of horizontal booster pump reduces the wear of seals to the greatest extent. There is no pressure difference when working, and the fluctuation value of reversing pressure is ideal and stable.
6. The high-speed circulating lubricant in the anti-curing lubrication cylinder can quickly remove the leaking materials or impurities, and the black material shaft is always immersed in the lubricant to avoid crystallization.
7. The delicate structure of the coupling makes the supercharged pump easy to disassemble and maintain. If necessary, the unilateral raw material pump can be replaced as a whole and the raw material ratio can be changed.
8. The pneumatic commutation control assembly is simple in structure and reliable in operation, so that the pump body can still work normally in the absence of electricity.
9. The design and application of the stop reset function realized the dual protection of the equipment.
10. The installation of double filters with high and low pressure in the equipment itself and the filter of sprinkler gun realize the triple filter protection of raw material path and reduce the occurrence of gun blockage.
11. In the heater, a special armoured temperature sensor is used to collect real-time temperature signals, which makes the heating overshoot worthy of good control.
12. Inside the insulation pipeline, the whip-type armored temperature sensor makes the temperature data acquisition more sensitive and accurate, without signal loss.
13. The heat preservation pipe group adopts special technology to winding special exothermic copper strip. The heating is uniform and reliable. The pipeline is completely closed and waterproof, and is covered with heat preservation sleeve and wear-resistant sheath, which is safe and durable.
14. Accurate action counter is convenient for you to accurately calculate the amount of raw materials after finishing work.
15. Simple control panel settings, and operating tips for key parts of equipment, make you master and use more quickly.
16. The solid rubber wheel used in the main frame does not need to be inflated, so it is more suitable for the construction site.
17. Fully humanized design, light weight, small size, convenient and flexible, can accommodate four groups (90 meters) of insulation pipe group, a single person can achieve equipment movement.