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JHPK-G20BPolyurethane Intelligent Pultrusion & Glue Injection System

Product introduction


JHPK-G20BPolyurethane Intelligent Pultrusion & Glue Injection System

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Product description

1. Design and production with the complete independent intellectual property rights, several key techniques have applied national patents.

2. High pressure L type perfusion gun with specialized ultra small flow can meet the demand for manufacturing the small products. 

3. It can meet the requirement of environmental protection with high pressure impinging mixing and mechanical cleaning without detergent.

4. The special protection liquid circulation system of material pump completely solves the problem of easy crystallization and sensitive to air for raw material during their application.

5. Special thermo-stated container keeps the raw material at the set temperature.

6. The realization of system fine adjustable control is obtained with the low pressure circulating reflux at gun shutting down and high pressure material discharging control at gun starting. And the requirement for energy and power saving is achieved to a great extent.

7. The design of multi-formula setting and memory function makes the system more suitable for continuous production with multi-station and multi-product. The system realizes auto material feeding and alarm when material lacking.

8. The oil tank can be vacuumed and suitable for different materials.

9. The application of the easy man-machine interact operation system makes the whole system having multi-point control and feedback and having the function of auto fault prompting and alarming. It is more convenient and easy in maintenance and operation.


Technical parameter instruction:

Raw material ratio: 1:1~1:5 (accurate variable ratio)

Raw material viscosity: 200~5000cps (under operation temperature)

System flow rate: 500~4000g/min (accurate discharging)

Power:  three phases 380V/50HZ/15KW (without tracing band)

Raw material heating power of main machine: 3000Wx2

Heating power of piping insulation: 800W

Volume for single material tank: 45L/65L (customizable)

Formula of perfusion program: 40 groups

Driving pressure of hydraulic station: ≤21Mpa (3000psi)

Heating temperature range of material tank: 0℃~90℃

Air pressure: 0.6~0.8Mpa (0.6M3/min)

Material feeding type: feeding with membrane pump

Function of perfusion gun: High pressure L impinging mixing, mechanical self cleaning

Pressure of vacuum pump: -0.1Mpa


System Configuration:

Main machine: 1 set

Supporting L type perfusion gun: 1 piece

Membrane pump for material feeding: 2 sets

Piping assembly: 1 set

Vacuum pump and buffer tank: 1set

Gun connecting pipe: 1 group

Hydraulic system: 1 set

High accuracy dosage pump: 2 sets

Auto material feeding system: 2 sets

Raw material stirring system: 2 sets

Dimension: 1600mmx1150mmx2700mm (LxWxH)

Weight: 750KG

Equipment property

1. 1. Special horizontal pushing ram pump group makes more accurate in raw material output and more stable in pressure.


1. 2. The selection of servo function with auto constant pressure can meet the demand of various kinds of high and low pressure mould without personnel care.


1. 3. The complete digital control makes the input of the raw material ratio and flow rate arbitrarily.


1. 4. The independent heating function of the resin tank guarantees the viscosity of the resin in the winter.


1. 5. The special anti-sedimentation design for piping makes the equipment not necessary to circulate everyday.


G20B technology description:

JHPK-G20B polyurethane pultrusion & glue injection system is promoted by JHPK on the basis of JHPK-G20A polyurethane glue injection system, which is mainly optimized in less space occupying to meet the requirement of the clients.


Equipment application: polyurethane resin pultrusion process, polyurethane RTM vacuum perfusion, die sinking jetting perfusion


Technical parameter instruction:

System ratio: 5:1~1:5 (variable ratio)

Raw material viscosity: ≤200~1000mpas

System flow rate: 50~2400g/min

Power: three phases 380V/50HZ/9000W

Raw material pressure: ≤5Mpa (700psi)

Air source: 0.5~0.8Mpa (70~120psi)

Volume of material tank: 60Lx2

Heating power of material tank: 3000Wx2 (tracing band)

Heating temperature range: 0℃~55℃

Material feeding type: feeding with membrane pump

Function of perfusion gun: Initial impingement + static mixing

Flow rate of perfusion gun: 0~8kg/min


System Configuration:

Main machine: 1 set

Perfusion gun: 1 piece

Insulated piping for material feeding: 3, 6, 9 M (optional)

Attached accessories and tools: 1 set

Dimension: 800mmx800mmx1000mm (LxWxH)